2018 Love River Carnival - Let's Toast by Love River


Event Date

Saturday June 30th, Sunday July 1st, Saturday July 7th, Sunday July 8th, 2018


Event Time

10:00 am ~ 10:00 pm


Event Location

Love River Kaohsiung



Tourisum Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

The "Cijin Black Sand Festival" is one of the "Formosa Summer Festival" event organized by Tourism Bureau, MOTC taking place in Cijin from July to August in conjuction with Tourism Bureau's 2018 Maritime Tourism Year. Promoting the beautiful scenery of Kaohsiung harbor and attracting domestic and international visitors, and continue to promote the low-carbon / eco-friendly environment concept of transportation. This event combines 3 main themes sports, food, and ocean travel. The "Love River Carnival" at Love River this summer will be promoting Cijin Black Sand Festival through toasting at Kaohsiung, aquatic sports, love song contest on water, and other activities. Also educating multi-modal travel connecting MRT, light rail, ferry, love boat, and gondola boats invting visitors to join "Love River Carnival" in Kaohsiung. There will be eight major alcoholic beverage vendors from around the world at the event featuring specialty beverage, ice, and taps from Kaohsiung, along with a big fair hosting fun drinking contests. There will also be a stage for live performance by several artists to ignite the atmosphere making Kaohsiung Love River a sleepless town.

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