Penghu's Most Beautiful Concert


Event Date

September 15th, 2018


Event Time

4:30 ~ 8:00 pm


Event Location

Aimen Beach Penghu



Tourism Bureau, MOTC
Co-Organizer:Penghu National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC

In order to shape event's marketing highlights, enhance visitors' experiences with Tropic of Cancer's summer atmosphere, in the same time echoing 2018 Year of Bay Tourism, Penghu the most outstanding station of Tropic of Cancer was chosen to connect "Formosa Summer Festival" to hold the most important branding event. As well as to kick off "The Most Beautiful Bays in the World, MBBW" 2018 annual meeting hosted in Penghu. On that day numerous known bands and singers are invited to perform at Aimen Beach to ignite enthusiasm. There will be Tropic of Cancer summer market that allow the visitors to listen to music while enjoying local gourmet food. Let's party under the sunset with phenomenal tunes Aimen Beach.

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