Connecting Formosa through 7 Ice Treats


Event Date

June 14th, 2018


Event Time

10:30~11:00 am


Event Location

Taipei Main Station 1st Floor (Multifuntional Exhibition Hall)


Event Location


Together with the marketing press conference the bestknown ice treats from 7 regions are featured as the main highlight for connecting Formosa Summer Festival event. On that day celebrities including Eddie Pan, Kevin Lin, Gigi Lin, Stanley, A-No Shanny are invited as brand ambassadors for these ice treats, and the event is hosted by renowned disc jockey DJ Dennis. The 6 celebrities will use their own words to rally for the Formosa ice treats they represent. What will happen during the disputes and what sequence of events will mediate these arguments? Of couse after talking so much about these ice treats we will be brining these 7 bestknown ice treats to the event for all guests to taste Formosa ice treats. Furthermore, in order for everyone to learn more about the fasinating events happening during Formosa Summer Festiva (June~September), there will be cross-industry alliance section and event map guide area at the press conference. All guests can enjoy the ice treats while browsing through exhibition making it an interacive press conference and create a buzz.

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